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Subdivision control of stepping motor

        Stepper motor Due to the limitation of its manufacturing process, such as the size of the step angle is decided by the number of rotor teeth and the number of running pads, but the number of rotor teeth and the number of running pads are limited, so the stepping angle of the stepping motor is generally large and fixed, the step resolution is low, the flexibility is not flexible, the vibration is low at the low frequency operation, and the noise is higher than other micro motors, which makes the physical device easy to fatigue or damage. These disadvantages make the stepper motor only be applied to some occasions with low requirements. For demanding occasions, only closed loop control is adopted, which increases the complexity of the system. These disadvantages seriously restrict the effective utilization of stepping motor as an excellent open-loop control module. To some extent, subdivision drive technology overcomes these shortcomings effectively.

 Subdivision control of stepping motor Stepper motor manufacturer - wan to Da motor

The stepper motor subdivision drive technology is a driving technology which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of stepper motors. In, American scholars first proposed stepping motor subdivision control method at the annual incremental motion control system and device annual meeting. In the next more than 20 years, stepper motor subdivision drive has made great progress. Gradually developed to the full maturity of the 90s of last century. China's research on subdivision driving technology is almost the same as that in other countries.

In the middle of 90s, great progress was made. It is mainly used in industrial, aerospace, robotics, precision measurement and other fields, such as tracking satellite photoelectric theodolite, military instruments, communications and radar equipment, subdivision driving technology widely used, so that the phase number of the motor is not limited by the step angle, which brings convenience for product design. At present, in the subdivision drive technology of stepping motor, chopper constant current drive, instrument pulse width modulation drive and current vector constant amplitude uniform rotation drive control are used to improve the running accuracy of stepper motor, and make the stepper motor develop in the direction of high speed and precision in the field of medium and small power applications.

At first, the control of stepper motor phase current is realized by hardware. Usually, two methods are adopted, which are multi-channel power switch current supply and current superposition on the winding. This method makes the power tube loss less, but because of the large number of devices, the device is large and the volume is large.

The first step is to superimpose the pulse signal and then amplify linearly by the power tube, and obtain the step current. The advantage is that the device is few, but the power tube has high power consumption and low power. If the tube works in the nonlinear region, it will cause distortion and because it can not overcome itself. Therefore, these two methods have been rarely used before.

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